The Idea

The problematic gap in the higher educational consultant industry of Sri Lanka that resulted in numerous disheartened students was the turning point that led to the kick-start of the passionate mission of the Managing Directress of UniSource Consultants.

Extraordinary Vision

With the support of the Managing Director, whose corporate-world experience coupled with his vision for an all-inclusive service provider that caters not only to the existing market but predominantly to the actual needs and wants of young Sri Lankan students, UniSource took its first baby steps.

Proven Success

With the holistic and cohesive union of the two Founding Partners, who were both equipped with experience in the higher educational consultancy industry, and the partnerships with globally reputed overseas universities, UniSource Consultants transformed to a problem-solver for the young generation of Sri Lanka.

About Us

An in-depth look at UniSource Consultants, with an emphasis on the "why" factor, how the team prepares to support students of Sri Lanka as well as the inner core values of the company.

Who Are We?

We are all professionals who have guided thousands of students to make their overseas university wish come true. We will guide you through the entire process and advise you on all information to ensure a smooth visa process and transitioning to the selected university and all this at no cost for you.

Our Vision

To build an education agency brand that will become the number one choice for both individual and corporate clients in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Our mission reflects our values, integrity, service, excellence and teamwork.

The "Why" Factor

It was the first-hand experiences of the two Founding Partners of UniSource Consultants that paved the way to the birth of an idea. This idea swiftly transformed in to the fully-fledged organisation that you see today.

Two core pillars built the foundation of rapid success for UniSource Consultants. The first was the numerous partnerships with globally accredited and internationally recognised universities while the second was the prolific industry experience coupled with the commitment to a higher level of excellent service of the founders.

As with any fruitful endeavour, the "why" factor that propelled UniSource Consultants to offer a free, differentiated as well as transparent portfolio of services to the future generation of our island nation comprises a twofold approach. This twofold mechanism includes the founders’ personal experiences of sub-par standards that exists today in the local industry as well as the undeniable fact that an effective higher education geared to solve real-world industrial requirements will accelerate a more fulfilling future for students as well as the national economy.

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